Well. The four days I spent experiencing Su + Goggi's wedding celebrations was like a dream come true! I was smiling basically the whole time. Even when I ordered a guilt free pizza on Saturday night after 13 hours of shooting and sat in my truck in my driveway and ate a few pieces because I was too happy and tired to cart all of my stuff inside immediately. Spending that much time together, with Su + Goggi, not my pizza, I felt like I was part of the family and definitely part of the magical energy!! The investment from everyone in the love packed homes during every single tradition was incredible to experience and an absolute honour to capture. And if you know me at all...the colours, outfits, details, glitter, jewels, bangles, and the fact that I wore a different Indian outfit everyday...was basically the best thing in the world.

This is Day One. Gurinder's Maiyan ceremony. This was Thursday night (yes, with smoke machines, flashing lights and a full dance floor!). This pre-ceremony tradition is a cleansing to purify the individual. There were ladies up on the stage at the beginning of the night that were singing folk songs back and forth about him, the couple and celebration - Goggi's maternal aunts and family. The coloured rice pattern is call the Rangoli. It's a design created in reflection of the groom, meant to take in any negative energy for the purifying (I really dig this =)). The cloth held overhead is for protection for the vatna. Everyone takes turns applying Haldi/vatna which is a turmeric paste to the groom. Once everyone has had their turn, the Mother of the groom will put some of the paste and coloured rice in her hands and places her hand print on the outside of the building. And then...the DANCING!! And I was dancing right along with everyone! It's amazing! Literally everyone dances! The Jaggo (meaning "Wake Up!"..love this) is a festive dance full of energy and celebration (like everything else). You'll see the lit up piece on heads getting passed around from lady to lady and everyone dances around them. And then comes the smoke machine, flashing lights...and the beginning of all the food we will eat over the next four days.

It was most excellent. Thanks for reading all the way through that...I'm just in love with the traditions and like every wedding, these memories and celebrations are more than just photographs. Truly blessed to be part of such an experience. Su + Goggi, this is just the start of your amazing experience, and just a taste of your full gallery! Congratulations!!


Much Love | Enjoy! | Nancy