Day two was just as magical as day one! This was the Maiyan (pre-ceremony) celebration for Suneet and her family. And it was beautiful. Let me tell you, these families decorate their homes in mountains of bright, sparkly fabric..draped in twinkle lights and sequins. It's like a dream come true..for me anyways! Again, the investment of every single person present while the traditions are unfolding is humbling and incredible to watch. The night started off with family and friends coating Su's face, arms and feet with the turmeric paste finishing off this with her mom coating her hands and placing it on the outside window of the house. The symbolism behind this is - the longer the paste stays on the window, the more love you have for your mother! I'm sure in-between this and the next event there was eating. There's always eating. It's like the best thing ever, really. The caterers, Tandoor House, basically just followed the party and kept feeding everyone tasty Indian dishes! It was glorious.

The bracelets..oh the bracelets. The Choora. Two of Su's uncles squuueeezed the bracelets onto her arms, after they were dipped into a milk bath. Traditionally these bracelets are kept on for months after the wedding! Again, a dream come true. There was singing back and forth, a cousin with a speaker pounding awesome Indian music on his shoulder, and then the Jaggo was lit up and everyone made their way, while dancing, outside to the tent in the backyard for more celebration. You can just feel the energy! Finished off this awesome evening with a dance party in the front yard. Loved every minute of it! I just can't get past the details. I can't stop looking through these images!

Thank you for the opportunity to capture such magic, guys.

Much Love | Enjoy! Nancy