What we all need in life...chocolate and sanity! This is Kelly and she is the fit brains and heart behind this really cool group of moms, Chocolate & Sanity, where no excuse is big enough to get them to workout! Because..they bring their kids along with them! These moms are strong and are focusing on getting even stronger with the help of their fearless (always smiling) leader. It was great to see them all in action and to watch their kids mimic their healthy actions. 

Content photography to promote your business, craft, group or talent has become increasingly important as the largest social advertising platform we are faced with today is Instagram. It helps to have a consistent feed with quality photos that showcase your brand in a professional and interesting way! Content Packages will be added to the list of services I offer! I love to experience the behind-the-scenes and create the story to tell your viewers! Would love to chat!

Much Love | Be Good | Enjoy! | Nancy