This is Queen Andrea. Just one of the babes that took part in my stylized boudoir marathon, Queen of the Castle, back in October, 2017. I created three sets and transformed my studio into a completely magical experience (throne with warrior gear, an enchanted forest, and of course, a giant 4 poster bed fit for a Queen's boudoir..and I am so impressed at how much it actually looked like a full on 4 poster bed!!). It was an INCREDIBLE day both for myself and for everyone involved. Taking it up a notch in terms of creating scenery, allowing the playfulness to shine through the nervous-as-shit feelings of striping down in front of a camera, helped these fine ladies feel the part, and really dig deep and get that royalty to shine through. And I'm beyond thrilled with all of the images we created this amazing day....aaaaaand there's another STYLIZED BOUDOIR MARATHON planning in the works for late April!! Stay tuned it's going to be totally sexy..mysterious..enchanting..and nothing like you've seen done for boudoir!!

Massive shout out to all of the ladies that allowed themselves to be captured as powerful, gorgeous, warriors that they know they are. MADE. Beauty Company for their crazy talents with the hair + makeup brushes. Their team is pure genius in bringing out the natural beauty of every babe that sits in their chair.

xoxo | Be Good | Enjoy! | Nancy