When I first got an email from Jenn I was hooked on these two. I have such a fire in my belly for what I get to create with people, and when someone sees your art for more than "just another photographer", but really for what exactly you create that's the biggest and best compliment I could ever imagine. Also the fact that we share a lot of the same in common when it comes to movies, chippie flavours (the reason I was also hooked was because she mentioned all of these things before even the photography =P) and just all three of us having a pretty laid back and chill attitude. When someone tells you they weren't planning on hiring a photographer for their wedding and then changes their mind when they see your work...I legit have no words to show my gratefulness. To capture such special moments for two people that couldn't be more in love. And it totally shows 100%. I had a BLAST during this shoot and I CAN NOT WAIT for their wedding at the whimsical La Lune next September. (And that sunset while up on the rooftop...gah!)

You guys rule.

Much love | Be good | Enjoy!! | Nancy