Oh, where to start. I met Farrow + Rob while they were on a brief visit to Winnipeg this past spring. I was super excited to hear that they loved my work..and they wanted me to capture their wedding back in Scotland! If you haven't been to Scotland...you MUST see it. It's absolutely magical. It was a whirlwind 6 day trip overseas, and most excellent. To start off, we did an engagement session at an abandoned castle....are you kidding me?? The ultimate dream come true. This is at Buchanan Castle, located in Stirlingshire, and was originally built in 1231, yes 1231, and then was rebuilt after a fire in 1854. It's a huge space, hidden by heavy brush, littered with moss-covered, majestic trees, ivy clinging to nearly stone, rooms full of ferns (!), and stone walls that I wish could speak. I literally could have stayed there for a week alone and not tire of it's beauty.

Farrow + Rob, thank you so much for this opportunity to work with you and capture the start of your wonderful adventure.

Cheers | Be Good | Enjoy! | Nancy