Hey! I'm Nancy, thanks for stopping by!

I'm a pretty laid back gal, but I do get pretty excited about photography! I was born n' raised, and photographed probably more than the average pre-digital-age kid, by parents that also spent many a weekend in the summer photographing weddings. Without a doubt, wedding photography and photography in general, has led me down a natural flowing path of fulfilling my days and career life with one of my biggest and oldest passions. Really, I just love what I do, a lot a lot, and I love to hang out with great people, and make pictures and memories with them in a totally authentic, bold and artistic way.

I'm an extremely passionate soul and feel so incredibly grateful that I am able to make my passion my livelihood. It's fantastic that our paths crossed and that you're just as excited as I am about capturing the most important moments of your life! My formal training in photography comes from an Honours Degree from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba. Continuing my journey as an artist, I find myself here, doing something I've dreamed of since I was a wee one...(I used to draw and create wedding magazines when I was about 6 years old. Go figure...). My dad was the wedding photographer back in the day, so engaged and newlyweds were frequent around our home and I fell in love with the magic of their excitement as they re-lived their wedding day, while flipping through the velvet photo albums.

In University I also fell in love with graphic design, and decided to focus on this practice, completing my thesis year in 2008. I started working at a small print company...and learned an incredible amount while working there. During that time I was starting to get more into shooting weddings and taking on a lot more freelance design projects. It came to a point, in 2013, that I realized I needed to take the leap and go at this full force. Since October 2013, I have been a fully home based office studio, eventually splitting the one business into two, so I could let people know that both were equally important. I love being able to create an identity for two businesses, however they naturally are overlapping in terms of esthetic.

And if you want to know more, read on....I LOVE waterslides, a good thunderstorm out at the cabin, pickles - any kind of pickles, forts, starry nights at the cabin, the loft at the cabin, and if you didn't catch on, I love my cabin. My style in all aspects of my life is very whimsical and eclectic. My home is filled with knick-nacks and memories that create such a good vibe. Self-proclaimed ambient light/lamp junkie. It's a basic necessity to have a string of lights (okay, multiple) hung around the house at all times. And lot's of lamps. I would travel the world non-stop, or at least for a year at a time, if I allowed myself to. I love traveling! I also have the greatest family ever, the best husband, for real, and my infamous cats, KIwi and dEXter...who are responsible for the business name! KIEX, pronounced KEY-EX, thank you very much.

Much Love, Nancy